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Beat your competition with our smart service

Meet Pucky -  the no-brainer doorman app that makes tenants happy and simplifies showings

How it


1) Pucky installs one additional box on top of your current super's intercom/buzzer system. One box is needed per building.

2) For each tenant, we require them to submit a a current copy of the co-op lease/mortgage/rent lease and tenant IDs. This process is repeated annually to ensure accurate access privilege.

We charge tenants directly, do all account management, app download and installation, onboarding, and off-boarding for you.

3) Occupants can install the Pucky app on their phones (iOS or Android).


Voila, your building has a discreet virtual doorman.

Lock Screen.png

What IT


Per apartment:


or $50/yr*

*to be paid directly by the occupants of the units who signed up for Pucky service


building-wide installation & hardware fee**

**to be refunded if you're unhappy within our 100-day satisfaction guarantee period





  • No lock or key changes.

  • Never give out insecure copies of your keys again for brokers, cleaning people, or contractors.

  • List your rental/sale with added "doorman-lite" amenity.

  • No more waiting for your super to open the doors.

  • Only the units that want Pucky service pay for it directly. No overall fee increase or administration.

  • 24/7 service - even for part-time doorman building.

  • Responsive team based in NYC. Ask us if you have any questions here: