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Pucky is built by New Yorkers for New Yorkers.  We realized that not being able to afford a doorman in NYC means you pay more: in frustration, money, and time. That’s why we built Pucky on the intercom infrastructure that’s already inside NYC buildings: to improve the lives of NYers while saving the city from pollution & congestion from redelivery.

Meet The Team

Kimthanh Nguyen


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Daughter of a mechanical engineer and an aquaculture consultant, Kim learned how to AutoCAD when she was 3 on a Windows 95 computer. She's excited by the challenge of designing an affordable and seamless infrastructure that can be used by people across income strata.

Fun fact: She enjoys going to Times Square at 3 AM to people watch.

Nicholas Sundin

(Technical Advisor)

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Nick has always been interested in elegant, useful, and efficient solutions to real problems people face daily. Currently an engineer at Dropbox Inc. Nick lends his advice in developing practical and secure cloud software to Pucky. 

Fun fact: Nick first found his passion for building things as a child at the workbench building wooden machines.

Bryan Mellick

(Ops Advisor)

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Bryan brings his 30 years as a leader, analyst and creative thinker to the challenges facing entrepreneurs and business owners.  The founder and CEO of performance management firm Next Mountain, he enjoys collaborating to achieve a vision, build an enterprise or optimize a culture.

Fun fact: He and his wife Christina were extras in the recently released film, All These Small Moments, set in Brooklyn.

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Daniel Landsman

(UX Intern)

Jack Pucky

(Office Manager)

Dan focuses on bettering UX through better staff training.  Before his current role as a CX leader with the New York Public Library, he led large scale logistics operations both in the Library and in the U.S. Army as a Captain.

Fun fact: Dan and his wife have a 3 year old tortoise named Kirby that they hope will live to age 150 and be buried on Mars.

Jack-Jack is the resident office manager. He is primarily responsible for creating a warm and hospitable environment.​ He is also very helpful for recruiting interns, and seems to be impervious to bribing treats.

Fun fact: He gets his name from The Incredibles - and has the mad hops to show for it.


The name

Kim grew up knowing a Yorkie named Puck. Every day, Puck would sit on the window sill and constantly guard his home, despite his small stature.  The Pucky team is inspired by Puck's many years of loyal service, hence naming our service after him. We aim to be the loyal companion and watchdog for NYC residents: small, smart, and always putting your interests first.


It takes a village to bring Pucky from an idea to reality.  We believe that Pucky would not be possible without the support of the entire New York City community. Here are a list of organizations and community groups that have helped us reach where we are today:

Futureworks accepted Pucky to its 2019 Fellows cohort. We are grateful for Pucky's accelerated growth through Futureworks mentor network, lecture series, and the awesome hardware & advanced manufacturing community in NYC.  


NYDesigns provides Pucky with free manufacturing facilities and an office/ workspace. We are grateful for the NYDesigns community and support. Without NYDesigns, our prototyping process wouldn't be as nimble as it is today.

Pucky would have stayed as merely an idea if not for the resources and support from the NYC SBS, the SCORE mentoring program, and NYCEDC. We are grateful for the access, support, and mentorship that's made possible through public investment in innovation.